Welding aids for roller frames and friction

- Mar 11, 2019-

In the process of using the roller frame, it is mainly used for its welding auxiliary equipment. To some extent, the frictional force of the load-bearing wheel is utilized to effectively push the cylindrical workpiece to rotate evenly, and the welding on the fixed operation machine is matched during operation. The machine head can weld the inner and outer ring seams of the workpiece, or can hold the cylindrical workpiece fixed, and cooperate with the expansion and contraction of the cross arm of the manipulator to weld the inner and outer longitudinal joints of the workpiece.


According to the diameter of the workpiece, the roller frame needs to manually adjust the center distance of the roller during operation. The adjustment method can be divided into two types: bolt split type and screw hand type. Steel bottom rubber roller, friction Large, load-bearing without deformation, strong driving ability, remote box operation, can be linked with the operating machine control system produced by our company to achieve high-quality automatic welding operation.


The drive motor of the roller frame adopts its AC frequency conversion speed regulation. Its running torque is large and the running precision is high during operation. If the user has special precision requirements, the drive motor can also adopt servo motor, which can realize the program control mode operation. The reserved screw hole is used to adjust the center distance to adapt to the change of the workpiece diameter.


The deceleration system of the roller frame is compact in structure, high in transmission precision and high in efficiency. The self-locking position is reliable during operation. The whole equipment is imported with famous brand frequency converter, which has good reliability and output characteristics. Hard, low-frequency low-speed rotating torque is strong, the speed stability is good, the overall annealing de-stressing process ensures long-term stable operation of the equipment.www.ht-tube.com