Welding auxiliary equipment for walking roller frame and various self-protection functions

- Mar 07, 2019-

In the process of making the roller frame, the roller is used to move the roller and adjust the center distance of the roller. To a certain extent, it can effectively adapt to the change of the diameter of the workpiece. When the machine is used, the inverter is steplessly regulated. The traveling roller frame is adjusted to a certain extent to have a wide range and high precision, and the torque is large during the starting process.


The walking roller frame is very reliable, simple and has a variety of self-protection functions to a certain extent. To a certain extent, it can effectively realize the interlocking interface of the electrical box, and can be directly welded with the welding machine during use. The control system of the device is connected so that its linkage control can be realized.


The walking roller frame is actually a kind of welding auxiliary equipment. During the operation, it is often used directly for the welding of the inner and outer annular joints of the cylindrical workpiece and the inner and outer longitudinal joints. To a certain extent, it is effective to include a base, an active roller, a driven roller, a bracket, a transmission device, and a power unit drive.


The transmission of the roller frame effectively drives the active roller to a certain extent, and the friction between the active roller and the cylindrical workpiece is used to drive the rotation of the workpiece to realize the displacement during use, and the inner and outer annular seams of the workpiece and the inner and outer parts can be realized. Horizontal position welding of longitudinal joints, automatic welding equipment can be used for automatic welding, which can greatly improve the quality of welds, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. The welding roller frame can also be used with manual welding or as a device for detecting and assembling cylindrical workpieces.


The roller frame is very suitable for its assembly, rubber lining, welding, polishing, etc., and can be adjusted according to the size and self-weight of the cylinder in the process of use. The manual adjustment of the center distance of the roller is adopted, and the speed control adopts the AC frequency conversion speed regulation to improve the operation reliability. The company can also design and customize other types of roller frames according to the needs of users.


A driven roller frame is fixedly mounted on the fixing base, and an active roller frame is movably mounted on one side of the driven roller frame, and the other side is movablely provided with a lifting traveling roller frame and a jacking Roller frame. The pair of welding roller frame has a simple structure and is easy to implement. The height of the pipe can be conveniently adjusted by the jacking hydraulic cylinder, and the distance between the two pipes can be conveniently adjusted by the horizontal hydraulic cylinder, so that the workpiece can be properly paired and welded. Location, easy to operate and simple.www.ht-tube.com