Welding positioner features and operational requirements

- Oct 16, 2018-

When welding the positioner, the welding requirements are relatively high, and the automatic welding of the ring seam can be realized, which effectively reduces the labor cost. The work of the person is only to take the workpiece, change the workpiece, the ordinary worker can operate, and the numerical control automatic welding The working principle of the positioner: using the stepper or servo motor supporting gearbox to drive the large and small gears to rotate the table, thus driving the workpiece to rotate, supporting the welding chuck, the pneumatic tail, the gun frame or the pneumatic gun frame to realize the automatic welding of the ring seam. .

Welding positioner features

1. The welding positioner adopts stepping motor, which is easy to operate.

2. The welding positioner is controlled by PLC programming, and has a memory function. To some extent, parameters can be saved for each workpiece after parameter setting.

3. CNC welding positioner touch screen control, convenient for human-computer interaction.

4. The CNC welding positioner is 24V voltage with low risk factor.

5. Welding positioner adopts worm gear structure to facilitate turning

Welding displacement is to ensure the welding quality, prevent the groove at both ends of the weld, and reduce the influence of stress concentration on the dynamic load. After the weld is formed, the two ends can be left on the weldment unless it is used. Otherwise, after the welding is completed, Cut it off. The edge of the connecting plate does not have to be finished, the plate has no gap, and the weld metal is directly filled in the right angle or oblique angle formed by the two weldments.http://www.ht-tube.com/