What are the quality requirements for seamless honing tubes?

- Aug 07, 2019-

1 From the perspective of the chemical composition of steel: The main factor affecting the performance of seamless honing tube is the chemical composition of steel, which is also the main basis for formulating the rolling process parameters and the heat treatment process parameters of steel pipes.


2 steel pipe geometry accuracy and shape


a. Steel pipe wall thickness accuracy: related to the heating quality of the tube blank, the process design parameters and adjustment parameters of each deformation process, tool quality and lubrication quality;


b. Outer diameter accuracy of steel pipe: depending on the method of determining (minus) diameter, equipment operation, process system, etc.


c. Length of steel pipe: normal length, fixed (times) length, length tolerance;


d. Steel tube ellipticity: indicates the degree of non-circularity of the steel pipe;


e. Steel pipe bending degree: indicates the twist of the steel pipe: the bending degree of the length of the steel pipe per meter, and the bending degree of the full length of the steel pipe;


f. The inclination of the end face of the steel pipe: indicating the inclination of the end face of the steel pipe and the cross section of the steel pipe;


g. The angle of the groove of the steel pipe and the blunt edge.