What are the requirements and process level of the welding positioner?

- Mar 13, 2019-

What are the requirements and process level of the welding positioner?

The welding positioner is an auxiliary equipment for welding in the process of operation. It is a very important accessory equipment when it is used. The welding positioner is mainly able to effectively improve the welding precision of the weldment, so that it can be To a certain extent, the position of the welding and the speed of the welding can reach the maximum effect to a certain extent.

What are the requirements for the purchase of welding positioner?

1. The functional requirements of the welding positioner: In the process of operation, it mainly means that the merchant needs to know what kind of action its equipment can achieve to a certain extent, such as its lifting, translation or turning, etc. To a certain extent, whether it is direct translation or curve translation, if it is a rotary motion, it is continuous or intermittent.

2. Requirements for the speed of the welding positioner: The entire equipment must be clear whether it is fast or slow, whether it is constant speed or variable speed and step-variable or stepless speed change when in use.

3. Welding positioner requirements for transmission stability and accuracy: The positioner used for automatic welding mainly requires the transmission to have a certain degree of precision to a certain extent. Under such circumstances, The worm drive and gear drive can be effectively selected.

When the welding positioner is used, it is mainly used to change its welding position to complete its mechanization and automatic welding. It is mainly used for the spatial position movement and change of complex workpieces, or the circumference. The workpiece can be rotated by a certain angle, and can also be used for welding, cutting, grinding, inspection, painting and other processes.

The welding positioner is a typical welding auxiliary equipment to improve the welding process level to a certain extent. In the process of operation, the most typical one is the ship-type position fillet welding application of the pipe flange, which should be effectively matched when used. The robot pipe under the control of the servo motor program is connected to the line welding.

The welding positioner can be rotated to some extent by the rotation and reversal movement of the table, so that the welding seam can be effectively welded when it is in its optimal position, and the operation is mainly used in conjunction with the operation machine. This will effectively form the automatic welding center, which can greatly improve the quality of the weld, effectively reduce the labor intensity of the welder, and effectively improve its labor productivity.www.ht-tube.com