Working principle of Cold Drawn Honed Tube

- Dec 15, 2020-

Brief introduction to the production process development and working principle of honing tube

The production of honing tubes generally requires complicated processes and strict inspections before they can be produced. Because it is used in the production of various mechanical parts, the precision requirements for honing tubes are very high. With the continuous development of science and technology, the honing tube production process is constantly improving and perfecting, which has a great role in promoting the improvement of honing tube production efficiency.

The daily working principle of    honing pipe is mainly to produce a certain pressure through the sand on the belt, and carry out surface grinding under a certain speed. The upper and lower surfaces of the workpiece are ground back and forth through the up and down movement of the abrasive belt to achieve a certain effect. Of course, the lubricating oil should be continuously added and cooled during the grinding process so as not to affect the surface processing quality of the workpiece. The workpiece obtained in this way is only a rough-machined workpiece, and a product with better precision needs to be finished.