Characteristics Of Welding Rotors

- Mar 13, 2018-

In large steam turbine (especially half speed unit) in the manufacturing process, the rotor welding structure rotor with other structures do not have the advantage of flexible design, compact structure, can use smaller forgings, easy forging, easy to ensure the internal quality; internal cavity can be formed, reduce the weight of the rotor, thinning the wall thickness, the temperature difference between inside and outside of the rotor is reduced, reducing the thermal stress of the rotor, but also improve the critical speed of the rotor; a disc group welding, each section of the wheel disc can be improved by heat treatment, easy to cross section inspection, defects also easy to repair and replacement; the rotor can be avoided under temperature effect due to uneven ingot composition, microstructure and properties of the deformation caused by the rotor; each part can be made of different materials, to meet the different work department The material properties of the different requirements, the use of reasonable alloy material; using welded rotor can solve large forging forging quality problems; the large power steam turbine units such as the welding rotor is more suitable for power plant. However, the welding performance of the welded rotor is high, and the welding technology is complex. After welding, the high and difficult detection requirements have become the bottleneck restricting the development of the welding rotor.