History Of Welding Rotors

- Mar 13, 2018-

In 1926, the Swiss BBC company started developing turbine rotor welding technology, and successfully manufactured the world's first welded rotor of steam turbine in 1930, which has been over 80 years ago. The European turbine manufacturers often use the welded rotors in the conventional steam turbines. In addition, because the volume and weight of the half speed turbine rotor of the nuclear power plant are large, the quality of the rotor is more than 150 tons, and the whole forging stock is difficult to purchase. Only a few manufacturers abroad can produce, and the price is expensive. Therefore, the welding rotors are also used in some foreign nuclear steam turbines.

In 1959, China began to test on the turbine rotor welding, Nanjing, Hangzhou Steam Turbine Rotor for welding were studied, SAIC had 125MW units, four exhaust 300MW steam turbine unit by October 2010, Dongfang turbine Co. Ltd. successfully completed the welding work of low-pressure rotor 1500MW nuclear steam turbine. To break the foreign China welding rotor design and welding technology to achieve the long-term monopoly of ice, nuclear welding rotor design and great breakthrough made domestically.