How Can Chrome Plated Pipes Effectively Prevent Foreign Objects From Invading?

- Jul 26, 2019-

The additional sealing of the chrome tube can effectively avoid foreign matter intrusion, but this additional sealing device will increase the size of the tube, which is inconvenient for operation and installation and repair, and its sealing performance is also affected by the outer diameter and the matching part of the housing. The processing accuracy and the impact of the line of public service. The seal can not only have an outstanding sealing smooth environment, but also solve the problem of the bearing part, and also eliminate the complicated smooth system.


Therefore, the chrome plated pipe seal requires severe parts. It is claimed that the sealing itself can not only replenish the smoothing agent in the working process, but also maintain the outstanding working condition and reduce the repair cost.


The chrome-plated tube itself is divided into a touch and a non-touch seal according to the structure. Divided into radial seal and appearance seal by touch. According to the structure of the sealing ring, it can be divided into a single lip seal and a double lip seal.