How Can I Tell The Authenticity Of The 304 Skived And Burnished Pipe?

- Jul 25, 2019-

The technicality of the 304 skived and burnished pipe is not guaranteed to be popularized at this stage. Therefore, most of the steel pipe plants do not have the working ability to manufacture 304 rolling pipes. Some steel pipe plants, for the sake of products, sell higher prices, are selected to be inferior 304 rolling pipe, or ordinary steel pipe, as a 304 rolling pipe to sell. When you buy a seamless steel pipe like this, it does find problems in the application and is even damaged.


This caused the 304 rolling tube to appear in the sales market, at least in part, not the actual 304 rolling tube. Therefore, when purchasing seamless steel pipes, it is necessary to understand some methods for distinguishing 304 rolling pipes.


For example, one can look at the surface of a seamless steel pipe. Due to the high quality 304 rolling tube, it is a very standard at the trademark logo and printing level. The counterfeit 304 rolling tube, for the sake of greater production, is not so much attention to this point. Moreover, the manufacturer of the manufacturing of the counterfeit 304 rolling pipe is relatively loose in the packaging of the seamless steel pipe. If you have been buying seamless steel pipes, you have seen such a problem. Then there is no need to carefully test the seamless steel pipe, and the specifications of each level can judge whether this is a qualified 304 rolling pipe.