Roller Frame: What Are The Characteristics Of The Automatic Welding Center?

- Jul 07, 2019-

The terminology of the roller frame welding center is mainly for welding automata. The difference between the two just reflects the characteristics of the welding center.


First of all, the welding automaton is based on products, with special purpose, and automatically completes the processing task on one machine; while the welding center is based on a certain welding process (such as automatic welding or inner ring seam of the outer cylinder of the container barrel) For the purpose of automatic welding, the welding equipment and auxiliary equipment required to complete the welding process are organized, and the production process is realized through online connection. As long as the product structure is similar to the process, welding can be performed. It can be seen from this characteristic that the flexibility of the welding center is very laborious, and it is mainly to modularize each link and carry out professional reorganization for different welding process objects.