What Is The Impact Of Welding Roller Frame On Welding Quality?

- Jul 08, 2019-

Effect of welding roller frame on welding quality During the welding process, the automatic tracking system in the roller frame directly affects the positioning of the molten pool; and the uncoordinated transmission of the equipment will cause the welding project to be unstable or stopped.


Improvement of welding process According to the process design requirements, the requirements for automatic welding of weld bevels, pressure vessel environment and materials are strict. We analyze the causes of welding problems and carry out treatment, verification and adjustment on a case-by-case basis. Inner ring seam gas shielded welding tests various process parameters, studies and determines the parameter adaptation values to match each other, especially the control of the torch position. Through the TV monitoring system and the 0, 1, and 2 axis slides in the 3D electric cross plate, the position of the welding torch can be adjusted according to the welding condition at any time to ensure the stability of the welding process.


The test determines the shielding gas mixing ratio. In addition to isolating the air, the shielding gas protects the high-temperature welding zone from air, and affects or even determines the energy characteristics, morphological characteristics, process characteristics and metallurgical properties of the weld. According to the workpiece steel grade, plate thickness, weld space position, welded joint quality requirements, welding productivity and reasonable shielding gas mixing ratio, it can ensure good weld formation and prevent splashing. Based on the different roles of carbon dioxide and argon in the welding process, we determine a reasonable range and verify by experiment that the mass is optimal when the ratio is .