The ’secret Weapon’ Of The Cylinder Barrel

- Jun 12, 2019-

The first Boeing 737-800 aircraft integrated drive generator (IDG) cylinder barrel independently developed and repaired by the electrical workshop has been installed for more than 2,000 hours and is expected to reach 3,000 hours of estimated installation time.


In the past, IDG was repaired, cylinder barrel wear exceeded the size specified in the manual, the cylinder component worth 10,000 US dollars will be scrapped. Later, when the employees repaired an IDG repaired by an international MRO, they found that their IDG cylinder components were wearing “one piece of clothing” – the cylinder liner.


This inspired the staff – adding bushings to the cylinders! When the bushing size is worn out, the bushing is replaced without having to replace the expensive cylinder.


The workshop engineer and the engineering engineer began to develop a repair plan that met the requirements of the engineering representative (DER) manufacturer and was successful and approved by CAAC. Although our plan is also a coat, the bushing, but it has our own scientific and technological content, the repair cost of a set of cylinder components is only 20% of the purchased components.