Research On Optimization Of Chrome Plated Steel Rod Grinding Margin

- Jun 13, 2019-

The jack is a key component in the hydraulic support. The chrome plated steel rod is a long and relatively long slender piece. The quality of the machining directly affects the sensitivity and accuracy of the hydraulic support action. At present, the choice of piston rod grinding allowance is often based on the existing experience. In order to prevent the grinding allowance from being insufficient, there is a large margin during finishing, but the efficiency is low, which affects the processing cycle of the entire component and restricts. The production capacity of the jack.

Based on the above reasons, the grinding allowances of different lengths, different rod diameters and different cutting parameters were measured, and the grinding allowance and finishing parameters of the rod parts were optimized as the rods in comparison with the finishing speed and the grinding efficiency. Guided documentation for finishing, which improves grinding efficiency, reduces machining cycles for rod parts, and reduces production costs.