Analysis Of The Influence Of Chrome Plated Steel Rod Runout On Compressor Operation

- Jun 14, 2019-

From the structure, force analysis and working principle of the compressor, we can find that measuring and adjusting the radial runout of the chrome plated steel rod is extremely important in the process of compressor maintenance. It is an important indicator to measure the quality of maintenance. Of course, when adjusting the radial runout of the chrome plated steel rod, be careful not to change the original center position of the crosshead slide and the cylinder easily, because the compressor is verified before leaving the factory and is guaranteed by machining. Moreover, the normal chrome plated steel rod radial runout is determined by the crosshead, the piston running clearance and the normal chrome plated steel rod sagging. Do not think that the vertical jump value of the chrome plated steel rod is not zero, because the cylinder and the crosshead slide are not centered. The reason. There are three common adjustment methods:

(1) The gap at the top of the crosshead slide exceeds the standard, and the crosshead axis can be adjusted by adding or subtracting the sliding pad or the upswing position.

(2) Determine if the cylinder liner needs to be repaired or replaced by measuring the cylinder bore and cylindricity. If the liner is worn but the accuracy is within the allowable range, the thickness of the support ring can be appropriately increased to adjust the axis of the piston.

(3) The piston rod is normally sag, and the axis of the piston rod can be adjusted by the four hex screws on the crosshead adjustment plate.