What Are The Factors That Affect The Size Of The Honing Machine?

- Jun 25, 2019-

In order to obtain good honing quality, in addition to the selection of good honing tools and the correct selection of grinding material and particle size, the process parameters used in honing also have a great impact on the processing quality. The factors that affect the size of the honing machine are as follows:


1, honing machine honing speed


The honing speed is a combination of the rotation speed and the reciprocating speed. When the rotation speed is 18~25m/min, the machining quality and the reciprocating speed of the cylinder bore have a direct relationship. When the reciprocating speed V2 is 25-35m/min, the reticular angle When θ is 45° to 70°, the honing efficiency is relatively high.


2, processing detection is unstable


Since the machining of the cylinder honing machine is performed by means of direct measurement, the air pressure is unstable during processing, the error occurs in zero calibration, the gas detection voltage changes, and the air leakage and airway clogging affect the detection instability.