What Are The Common Materials For Honing Cylinders?

- Jun 24, 2019-

A honing cylinder is a steel pipe material that has been treated by cold drawing or hot rolling. Because the inner and outer walls of the steel pipe have no oxidation layer, high pressure, no leakage, high smoothness, no cold deformation, flaring, flattening, etc., they are mainly used to produce pneumatic or hydraulic components. The chemical composition of the honing cylinder is carbon C, silicon Si, manganese Mn, sulfur S, phosphorus P, chromium Cr.


There are two main materials commonly used in honing cylinders, namely No. 20 steel and No. 45 steel. Although these two are common materials, No. 20 steel is more popular than users of 45 steel, and it is also comparable in the market. 45 steel is common. Our 45th steel often needs to be customized.


The honing cylinder is rolled, and the residual pressure on the surface layer is left, which facilitates the closure of the surface micro crack and reduces the expansion of the erosion. Thereby, the surface corrosion resistance is enhanced, and the generation or expansion of fatigue cracks can be reduced, thereby strengthening the fatigue strength of the honing cylinder. By roll forming, the rolled surface forms a cold hardened layer that reduces the elastic and plastic deformation of the grinding secondary contact surface.