What Is The Cause Of The Cold Drawn Steel Tube?

- Sep 01, 2019-

The cold drawn steel tube is produced and produced in a relatively low temperature state. Since the characteristics and characteristics of the cold drawn tube are relatively excellent, it has great application in various industries. Cold drawn tubes are more elaborate in the production and various uses, but cold drawn steel pipes have many advantages, even if they have many disadvantages. The more common shortcoming is that they are easy to crack. Once cracked, they have to be renewed. For repairs, what is the cracking of the cold drawn tube? What is the factor that affects its cracking?


The cold drawn tube is formed by reducing the diameter of the seamless steel pipe by the drawing die, and the process route is generally annealing, pickling, and drawing. In the process of drawing, the cold-drawn small-diameter seamless steel pipe sometimes has the same rapid cracking phenomenon from the beginning to the end, and we call this phenomenon unified as cracking.