Is There A Difference Between The Honing Pipe And The Cylinder Tube In The Processing Technology?

- Sep 02, 2019-

1. What is the scope of the honing tube?


Honing pipe, which is an important part of hydraulic cylinder, if it is simple to understand, then it refers to the honed pipe, which can be called honing pipe, and the pipe here mainly refers to seamless steel pipe. Therefore, it can be said that honing is a processing process by which the inner diameter of the pipe reaches the desired desired tolerance size, surface roughness, etc., and is within tolerance.


2. Honing pipe and cylinder tube, are there differences in the processing technology?


The honing pipe, the processing technology of which is honing, and the cylinder tube, which is a pipe used in the oil cylinder, the processing technology thereof is not necessarily honing, but may be other processes such as rolling. Therefore, the two are different in the processing technology. The answer to this question is yes.


3. What is the roughness of the inner hole of the honing pipe and the linear standard? Will it use a honing machine during the honing process?


The honing pipe, the inner hole roughness can be less than 0.63nm, and the linear standard can be less than 0.3mm/m. Therefore, it can have a higher level in dimensional accuracy. . Therefore, in application, it can be used in some high-demand situations. And its honing is to use the honing machine, the honing head on the honing machine, in general, is the axial linear reciprocating motion.


For the honing tube, I believe that through these questions and their corresponding answers, you can come to have further understanding and understanding, so as to increase your knowledge in this area. Moreover, it is also possible to carry out the correct and flexible use of knowledge, improve the use effect of the product, and further improve the use value thereof.