What Is The Structure Of The Welding Positioner?

- Aug 02, 2019-

The structure of the welding positioner is:


1 double-column single-rotation positioner This kind of positioner is suitable for the welding of rectangular structural parts of engineering machinery such as rear frame and roller frame of loader. Its main feature is that the motor driven working device at one end of the column runs in a rotating direction. The other end is slaved to the active end. The two side columns can be designed to be lifted to suit different specifications. The disadvantage of this type of positioner can only be rotated in one circumferential direction. When selecting, pay attention to whether the weld form is suitable.


The 2U type two-seat head-to-tail double-rotation type has a rotational freedom added to the other space in addition to the first type of positioner type. The positioner has a large welding space, the workpiece can be rotated to the required position, and the design is advanced. Many manufacturers of construction machinery have successfully used it in the early 21st century. The positioner can be applied to the welding of structural parts such as loaders, excavators and road rollers according to the process conditions of each factory.


3L type double-slewing welding positioner This type of positioner working device L type has two degrees of freedom of rotation, and both directions can be arbitrarily rotated by ±360°. Compared with other types of positioners, this positioner has good openness and easy operation. The L-type positioner has been successfully used in the front frame welding of the loader, and the effect is very good, which is very popular among field operators.


The C-type rotary form of the 4C double-slewing welding positioner is the same as that of the L-type machine, except that it is convenient for the specific design of the clamp. According to the shape of the structural member, the working device of the positioner is slightly changed. This type of welding positioner is suitable for welding of buckets of loaders and buckets of excavators.


The 5-seat universal positioner mount welding positioner has an overall degree of freedom to flip and can be turned over to the desired weld position for welding. In addition, the workbench has a degree of freedom of rotation. This kind of positioner is suitable for the welding of small welded parts of engineering machinery and some small and medium-sized complex structures such as pipes, shafts and discs.