What Are The Classifications Of Welding Turning Rolls?

- Aug 01, 2019-

The welding turning roll combined with the welding operation machine and the welding positioner can realize the automatic welding of the inner and outer ring seams, the fillet welds and the inner and outer longitudinal joints of the weldment.


1 non-self-adjusting welding roller frame


The non-self-adjusting welding roller frame is to adjust the spacing of the rollers by moving the roller seat on the bracket.


2 adjustable welding roller frame


The adjustable welding roller frame consists of a driving wheel and a driven wheel. The driving of the active roller is driven by two motors respectively. Through the speed regulating motor, the speed controller realizes stepless speed change through frequency conversion speed regulation or electromagnetic speed regulation. The linear speed of the workpiece rotation is 6-60 m / h, which can meet the needs of various welding such as manual welding, automatic surfacing, automatic submerged arc welding, and various riveting of the workpiece.


3 anti-smashing welding roller frame


The anti-smashing welding roller frame is made of a movable roller frame on the basis of the adjustable roller frame, and the roller of the movable frame is made to be liftable, and the photoelectric encoder is used to detect the amount of movement of the workpiece, and the system controller controls the lifting and lowering of the driven roller. The displacement detecting frame is placed at one end of the workpiece, and the detecting wheel pressure is processed on the end surface of the end surface of the workpiece, and the detecting wheel can rotate with the workpiece. When the workpiece moves axially, the detecting wheel will follow the workpiece, and the controller will follow the 窜The amount of momentum adjusts the lifting stroke, lifting speed and lifting interval of the driven roller, and controls the raising or lowering according to the tilting direction. The amount of turbulence of the workpiece always fluctuates between -1.5 mm and +1.5 mm, so that the turbulence is limited to a certain range to meet the needs of welding.


4 self-adjusting welding roller frame


The self-adjusting welding roller frame is a displacement device that utilizes the friction between the active roller and the weldment to drive the workpiece to rotate. The swing angle of the wheel set can be automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the workpiece, and the core can be automatically adjusted. It is mainly used for the assembly or welding of cylindrical workpieces such as pipes, vessels, boilers, oil tanks, etc. When it is matched with welding operation machine and welding power source, it can realize the inner and outer longitudinal joints of the workpiece and the inner and outer circumferential seam welding.