What Material Is Used For The Chrome Plated Rod In The Cylinder?

- Jul 17, 2019-

What material is used for the chrome plated rodin the cylinder?

Piston rods are usually made of 45 steel. When there is a large impact force and heavy load transmission, it is made of 40Cr steel. This is to ensure that the piston rod has sufficient working strength. The piston rods are generally designed as cylinders, and if the diameter is large, a hollow piston rod can be used. Made of 45 seamless steel pipe. When the piston rod is manufactured, the blank should be first subjected to forging, mechanical roughing and quenching and tempering, and the hardness is HB=230-250. The purpose of quenching and tempering is to improve the machinability and increase the working strength of the material. The surface roughness Ra of the piston rod after finishing should be no more than 0.65 μm. In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the piston rod, the working surface of the rod can be plated with hard chrome. The piston rod and the guide sleeve on the end cover are matched by H8/f9.