Chrome plated steel rod processing technology and product use

- Jun 29, 2019-

The chrome plated steel rod is rolled to improve the surface corrosion resistance and delay the generation or expansion of fatigue cracks, thereby improving the fatigue strength of the cylinder rod. By rolling forming, the rolling surface forms a cold hardening layer, which reduces the elastic and plastic deformation of the grinding contact surface, thereby improving the wear resistance of the cylinder rod surface and avoiding burns caused by grinding. After rolling, the surface roughness value is reduced to improve the compounding property. At the same time, the friction damage to the sealing ring or the sealing member during the movement of the cylinder rod piston is reduced, and the overall service life of the oil cylinder is improved. The rolling process is an efficient and high quality process.

Chrome plated steel rod are mainly used in hydraulic and pneumatic, engineering machinery, chrome plated steel rod for automobile manufacturing, guide columns for plastic machinery, roller shafts for packaging machinery and printing machinery, textile machinery, shafts for conveying machinery, and linear optical axes for linear motion.