Deal with the problem of decarburization on the surface of the honing pipe

- May 11, 2020-

Fang Gang is a kind of bar and is solid. In its production process, heat treatment is carried out, so a bright continuous heat treatment furnace is used to enable intermediate heat treatment and heat treatment of the finished product, so that the surface of the square steel becomes bright and traditional can be omitted. Pickling this process.

Bright continuous heat treatment furnaces can generally have three types, which are roller bottom type bright heat treatment furnace, mesh belt type bright heat treatment furnace and muffle tube type bright heat treatment furnace.

The decarburization phenomenon on the surface of the honing tube is mainly related to oxidizing gases such as oxygen, water vapor and carbon dioxide, and is also related to the heat treatment process. Therefore, these two aspects should be solved to avoid decarburization on the surface of the honing tube. Therefore, in the heat treatment process, the steel wire should not be allowed to come into contact with these oxidizing gases.

In addition, if there are residues on the steel wire, after heating into the furnace, some oxidizing gas will also be generated, thus causing this phenomenon, so we must control the furnace atmosphere to avoid this phenomenon.