Good mechanical properties of the Ck20 Rolled Tube and normalizing treatment

- Dec 12, 2018-

The Ck20 Rolled Tube has low hardenability, good plasticity, toughness and weldability, and has better toughness after hot rolling or normalizing. Medium and small carburizing, carbonitriding parts and forgings are not important in the production process. Such as lever shaft, gear shift fork, gear, heavy mechanical lever, shackle and so on.

45# precision rolling pipe is commonly used medium carbon quenched and tempered steel. The thick wall rolling pipe factory has good comprehensive mechanical properties, low hardenability and easy cracking during water quenching. Small parts should be quenched and tempered, and large parts should be normalized. They are mainly used to manufacture high-strength moving parts, such as turbine impellers, compressor pistons, shafts, gears, racks, and worms.

The processing time of the Ck20 Rolled Tube is greatly shortened, the mass production thereof is more rapid, the straightness and precision of the whole product are greatly improved, and the surface hardness of the whole product is very high, so that it can be effective to some extent. Increase its service