Honing the skills of milling cylinder tube milling

- Sep 07, 2019-

When honing the cylinder tube milling, due to its strong adhesion and fusion, the chips are easy to adhere to the cutter teeth, which deteriorates the cutting conditions. When milling, the cutters slide on the hardened surface first. The trend of work hardening; the impact and vibration during milling are large, which makes the cutter teeth easy to chip and wear.


Therefore, honing cylinder tube milling should be processed by the down-cut method. The asymmetrical cross-milling method can ensure that the cutting edge is smoothly cut away from the metal, and the contact area of the chip bonding is small, and it is easy to be smashed under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, so that the chip impacts the rake face when the tooth re-cuts into the workpiece. Peeling and chipping improve the durability of the tool.


Milling honing cylinder tube except for end milling cutter and partial end milling cutter can be made of hard alloy as milling cutter tooth material. The other types of milling cutters are made of high speed steel, especially tungsten-molybdenum and high vanadium high speed steel. The tool durability can be increased by 1 to 2 times compared with W18Cr4V. Carbide suitable for making stainless steel milling cutters are YG8, YW2, 813, 798, YS2T, YS30, YS25 and the like.


The effect of the spray cooling method on the honing cylinder tube is remarkable, which can improve the durability of the milling cutter by more than one time; if it is cooled by a general 10% emulsion, the cutting fluid flow should be sufficiently cooled. When milling carbide with carbide milling cutter, it should be adjusted according to the grade of the alloy and the material of the workpiece.


When milling a honing cylinder tube, the cutting edge must be sharp and bear the impact, and the chip pocket should be large. Large helix angle cutters can be used, the helix angle b is increased from 20° to 45°, and the tool durability can be increased by more than 2 times, because the working front angle of the milling cutter is increased from 11° to 27°, and the milling is light. However, the b value should not be large, especially the end mill should be b ≤ 35 °, so as not to weaken the teeth.


The stainless steel cylinder tube or thin-walled parts are processed by the wave edge end mill, the cutting is light, the vibration is small, the chips are brittle, and the workpiece is not deformed. High-speed milling with carbide end mills and milling of stainless steel cylinders with indexable end mills can achieve good results.