Labor intensity and work efficiency of head tail welding positioner

- Jun 19, 2019-

The head tail welding positioner is divided into fixed type and lift type. The head and tail frame standard positioner clamps the long workpiece through both ends, and can be rotated and lifted by electric power. The workpiece is mounted at the lowest possible position, and the workpiece can be raised, lowered, and rotated while the workpiece is mounted. Since it can be installed at a position where work is relatively easy, safety, productivity, and workability are improved. The headstock frame is equipped with 7 standard models to accommodate the workpieces. In order to correspond to the workpieces of different customers, 7 standard models from 1 ton to 160 tons are available for users to choose. As an option, there is a beam type, the tail is standard walking, and the single side clamping can also be used by the head (drive side).


The head-to-tail positioner makes the weld be in a better welding position through the turning and rotation of the table. The working rotation adopts stepless speed regulation, which can be rotated according to the required welding speed, greatly improving the quality of the weld, reducing the labor intensity and improving the work. effectiveness.


Head-to-tail positioner This equipment is mainly used for the welding of the main body of the rotary drilling rotary platform. Through the rotation of the workpiece, the welding position of the weld is achieved, and all the weld requirements on the workpiece of primary welding and secondary welding are met, and the product is improved. Quality and production efficiency reduce the labor intensity of workers.