Lubrication treatment and quality requirement of cold drawn tube

- Aug 07, 2018-

In the process of operation, cold drawing tube is a manufacturing method of cold drawing tube, which can reduce the honing residual on the inner surface of the product and reduce the number of cold drawing. The inner and outer surface of the round steel tube are honed

Prior to the control head of round steel, the inner and outer surfaces of the pipe were honed to eliminate the problems of grinding points, scratches and unroundness, thus reducing the number of cold drawing and improving the production efficiency and quality of the pipe.It is especially suitable for making high precision cold drawing tube during operation. The high precision cold drawing tube can be used to make hydraulic cylinder tube.

Cold drawn pipe solid solution strengthening elements, generally the higher phosphorus ductile and brittle transformation temperature is the most intense, with low content of molybdenum, titanium and vanadium, impact and high rise in ductile brittle transition temperature elements have, silicon, chromium and copper, lower ductile brittle transition temperature have nickel, first lower toughness increased after a brittle transformation temperature of manganese.