Main features of theWelding positioner and tilt drive

- Oct 10, 2018-

Main features of welding positioner

1. It adopts stepless speed regulation of frequency converter, wide speed regulation range, high precision and large starting torque.

2. Specially designed grooved steel core rubber surface roller with high friction, long service life and strong carrying capacity.

3. The manufacturing process is advanced, the straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole are good, and the workpiece turbulence caused by insufficient manufacturing precision is minimized.

4. The welding positioner automatically adjusts the angle of the roller bracket according to the diameter of the workpiece to meet the support and rotational drive of workpieces of different diameters.

Tilt drive of welding positioner

1. The tilting drive should be smooth, not shaken under the maximum load, and the whole machine should not be overturned. If the maximum load Q exceeds 25kg, it should have a power drive function.

2. There should be a limit device to control the tilt angle and an angle indicator.

3. The tilting mechanism should have a self-locking function, which does not slide under the maximum load, and is safe and reliable.