Preset parameters and diameter of the roller frame

- Mar 08, 2019-

The self-adjusting roller frame must have over-voltage protection and self-protection function to a certain extent. It has fault display and storage function during operation. The whole product is automatically air-switched for short-circuit protection, and parameters can be preset during operation. The non-circular long weldment is clamped in a special annular clamp and can also be welded on the welding roller frame.

The self-adjusting roller frame can effectively adopt the digital adjustment and display technology for the rotation speed of its roller during operation. The welding speed setting is very intuitive and accurate, and the operation difficulty of the workers is reduced. The manufacturing and assembly precision of the roller frame is improved. It should be effective in meeting its accuracy requirements.

The self-adjusting roller frame can effectively adjust the angle of the roller bracket during the operation according to the diameter of the workpiece, so that the support and rotational driving of the workpiece with different diameters can be effectively satisfied to a certain extent.

The self-adjusting roller frame adopts frequency converter stepless speed regulation, wide speed regulation range, high precision and large starting torque. The high-bearing furnace bearing of the whole product has no trembling and long service life when operating. The combination box type base has large rigidity and strong bearing