Preventing transverse cracking measures of cold-drawn pipe (二)

- Jun 17, 2020-

Method for improving accuracy of capillary wall thickness

(1) Correctly adjust the process parameters of piercing and tube rolling, improve the accuracy of tools such as rolls, and make the blanks and raw tubes deform evenly during the process of piercing and tube rolling.

(2) Precisely adjust the centering position, install a roller device, so that the plug can be aligned with the center of the blank, and avoid perforation eccentricity.

(3) Install and adjust the holding roller, hold the jack tightly to prevent the jack from sinking.

(4) Carry out a fixed repair system to keep the equipment in good condition and ensure the accuracy of the capillary wall thickness.

(5) Strengthen management, measure capillary wall thickness frequently, and adjust in time if problems are found.