Processing procedure and quality requirement of honing pipe

- Aug 21, 2018-

The processing procedure of honing pipe

Material selection of honing pipe: to a certain extent, honing pipe should use metal material of appropriate size according to national standards as the raw material of honing pipe. The processing of raw material bar by unblanking, free forging and heat treatment is effective.

Straightening of honing pipe: straightening hammer effectively through the treated material.

The deep hole of honing pipe: the pipe is made after the hole of proper size is made on the material bar.

Honing: use honing stones to honing the hole of pipe, so that the hole of pipe can meet the requirement of the size and processing precision

Turning and smoothing: lathe and polish the outer wall and end face of the pipe with a lathe to make the outer diameter of the pipe meet the size and precision requirements of honing the pipe, and finish the production of honing pipe. Honing is a very effective method to process inner hole, which has high productivity and high precision.

How to ensure the quality of honing pipe

1.     Ensure the quality of the material used in the workpiece itself.

2.       Ensure the quality of the honing rod or the honing head

3.       The quality of honing fluid is guaranteed.