Requirements for rotary drive and tilt drive of tube welding positioner

- Jun 12, 2019-

Slewing drive of tube welding positioner


(1) The slewing drive should realize stepless speed regulation and can be reversed.


(2) In the range of the speed of rotation, the speed fluctuation does not exceed 5% when subjected to a large load.


Tilt drive of pipe welding positioner


(1) The tilting drive should be stable, and it should not be shaken under heavy load, and the whole machine should not be overturned. If the heavy load Q exceeds 25kg, it should have a power drive function.


(2) A limit device shall be provided to control the tilt angle and have an angle indicating sign.


(3) The tilting mechanism should have a self-locking function, which does not slide under heavy load, and is safe and reliable.


Pipe welding positioner


(1) The control part of the positioner should be provided with a linkage interface for automatic welding.


(2) The positioner should be equipped with conductive means to prevent the welding current from passing through the transmission parts such as bearings and gears. The resistance of the conductive device should not exceed 1mΩ, and its capacity should meet the requirements of the rated current of the welding.


(3) Electrical equipment should comply with the relevant provisions of GB/T 4064.


(4) The structure of the workbench should be convenient for loading the workpiece or installing the fixture, or negotiating with the user to determine its structural form.


(5) The relationship between large load and eccentricity and center of gravity should be explained in the instruction manual of the positioner.