Selection of Honing Tube Material

- Apr 21, 2020-

Under normal circumstances, there will be little holes on the surface of these parts. These small holes are mainly caused by the hot rolling of the material during the processing process. A high surface temperature of the part will cause the part to produce pores, which will result in the surface of the part. Leave a lot of pitting.

In response to this phenomenon, we have to choose pipes with a low degree of corrosion, and the inner wall of the pipe should be as thick as possible. Such hot-rolled pipes can be processed to reduce the occurrence of pores and increase the production quality of steel pipes. There are some pits and pores on the surface of the pipe, which are also related to the defects of the pipe itself. We should try to avoid the problems caused by the pipe itself, try to further process the pipe, reduce the occurrence of defects such as pores and pits, and increase the production of the pipe Efficiency and quality