Self-adjusting roller frame height adjustment and friction requirements

- Mar 07, 2019-

In the process of operation, the self-adjusting roller frame mainly utilizes the frictional force between the active roller frame and the weldment to bring the displacement device of the power workpiece to rotate. The swing angle of the wheel set can be automatically adjusted according to the diameter of the workpiece, and the core can be automatically adjusted. It is mainly used for the assembly or welding of cylindrical workpieces such as pipes, vessels, boilers, oil tanks, etc. When it is matched with welding operation machine and welding power source, it can realize the inner and outer longitudinal joints of the workpiece and the inner and outer circumferential seam welding.

The self-adjusting roller frame has the advantages of advanced technology, low transmission hum, reliable quality and simple operation. To a certain extent, it is an essential equipment for automatic and semi-automatic welding of pressure vessels and cylindrical workpieces. The self-adjusting roller frame roller drive adopts the frequency conversion speed regulating motor, which can carry out stepless speed regulation according to the welding specification, and has the characteristics of wide welding speed adjustment range, good rotation smoothness and low speed characteristic.

Self-adjusting roller frame When the height of the main and driven rollers is properly adjusted, it can also be equipped and welded with cones and segments. For some non-circular long weldments, if they are stuck in a special ring-shaped card, the welding work can also be carried out on the welding roller frame. The equipped magnetic hand-held device uses a unique digital adjustment and display technology, which not only sets the welding speed very intuitive and accurate, but also reduces the difficulty of the workers.

The roller of the self-adjusting roller frame is made of high-quality rubber bag, widened roller, large friction coefficient and strong anti-slip ability. The active roller runs with two motors driving separately, and the speed controller realizes stepless speed change through frequency conversion speed regulation. Equipped with a magnetic hand-held device, digital display speed, convenient and flexible application. The roller spacing is adjusted by the nail splitting, and the linear speed of the workpiece rotation is 0.1-1 m/min, which can meet the manual welding and automatic surfacing. Automatic submerged arc welding and other different welding needs, the welding roller frame can be selected according to the customer's workpiece requirements fixed, manual mobile and electric mobile.

Self-adjusting roller frame features

1. Use screw or screw to adjust the center moment of the roller to adapt to a wide range of workpiece diameter.

2. The active frame roller is driven by a motor with a direct-coupled two-stage worm gear reducer.

3. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, wide adjustment range and high adjustment precision.

4. Remote control by hand control box, easy to operate, the electronic control box has a linkage interface, which can be linked with the auxiliary machine such as the operation