Ten characteristics of welding positioner and productivity

- Mar 14, 2019-

Ten characteristics of welding positioner and productivity

In the process of using the welding positioner, it is mainly used to change the welding position to complete the mechanization and automatic welding. It is mainly used for the movement of the spatial position of its complex workpiece. It can be used for welding, cutting, grinding, inspection, painting, etc. It can be used for welding, cutting, grinding, inspection, painting, etc. It is a typical welding auxiliary equipment to improve the welding process level. The most typical is the pipe flange. The ship's position fillet welding application, as well as the intersecting line welding of the robot pipe under the control of the servo motor program.

The welding positioner can be rotated and flipped by the table, so that the welding seam can be welded when it is in its optimal position. When it is used, it can be used directly with the machine to form an automatic welding center. It can greatly improve the quality of welds, reduce the labor intensity of welders, and improve labor productivity. It is the most ideal equipment for welding all kinds of shaft, disc, cylinder and other rotary parts.

The main welding requirements of the welding positioner are relatively high, and the automatic welding of the ring seam can be effectively realized to a certain extent, so that the labor cost can be effectively reduced. The work of the person is only to take the workpiece, change the workpiece, and the ordinary worker Operable, CNC automatic welding positioner working principle: using stepper or servo motor supporting gearbox to drive the large and small gears to rotate the table, thus driving the workpiece to rotate, supporting welding chuck, pneumatic tail, gun frame or pneumatic gun frame , to achieve automatic welding of the ring seam.

Introduction to the ten characteristics of welding positioner

1. It adopts stepless speed regulation of frequency converter, wide speed regulation range, high precision and large starting torque.

2. Specially designed grooved steel core rubber surface roller with large friction, long service life and strong carrying capacity.

3. The combination box type base of the welding positioner has large rigidity and strong bearing capacity.

4. The manufacturing process is advanced, the straightness and parallelism of each shaft hole are good, and the workpiece turbulence caused by insufficient manufacturing precision is minimized.

5. The welding positioner automatically adjusts the angle of the roller bracket according to the diameter of the workpiece to meet the support and rotational drive of workpieces of different diameters.

6. The welding positioner adopts stepping motor, which is easy to operate.

7. The welding positioner is controlled by PLC programming, and has a memory function. It can save parameters after setting parameters for each workpiece.

8. CNC welding positioner touch screen control, convenient human-computer interaction

9. The CNC welding positioner is 24V voltage with low risk factor.

10. Welding positioner adopts worm gear structure to facilitate turningwww.ht-tube.com