The honing pipes have high surface quality and Wide range of processing.

- May 18, 2018-

The surface quality of honing pipe is high

Honing pipe surface as the overlapping curve, in the process of operate more conducive to maintain its lubricating oil storage and oil film, when processed, there is a high rate of the surface of the support, therefore can bear larger load, wear resistance, so as to improve the service life of the product.

Honing speed is low, and the sharpening stone and hole is surface contact, so each of abrasive grinding pressure is small, the average such honing, artifacts calorific value is small, the surface almost no thermal damage, small deformation and metamorphic layer. The honing pipe machining surface has almost no inlaid sand and extruded hard layer.

Honing pipes have wide range of processing

Honing pipes processing in the process of operating mainly applicable to the hole, the radial and axial gap hole, in addition, using special honing head, still can machining cone hole, elliptical hole, with a cylindrical can honing cylinder honing tools, but the removal of allowance for far less than the allowance of internal honing. Honing can process almost any material, especially the application of diamond and cubic boron nitride abrasive, further expand the applied field of honing, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the honing processing.

Honing pipe has less machining allowance.

Honing pipes processing to a certain extent, in order to achieve the drawing required accuracy, in the production process of all of its machining method to retrieve margin of at least one method, honing tools based on artifacts as a guide to remove work-piece extra allowance and achieves the required accuracy. When honing, the honing tool should be the place with the largest amount of spare parts, and then gradually plover to the place where the least amount of waste is needed.