Types of welding positioners and advantages of use

- Mar 15, 2019-

Types of welding positioners and advantages of use

The difference in shape between different structural parts in construction machinery is relatively large, and it becomes different in the process of welding, so it can be effectively based on the structural characteristics and welding requirements of the welded structural parts to some extent. Effective selection of the applicable welding positioner is a concern of every enterprise. The welding positioner is a welding piece displacement device that rotates and tilts the weldment to place the weld on the weldment in a favorable welding position. The common classifications are: L-shaped double-rotation, C-shaped double-rotation, Double column single-rotation, double-seat head and tail double-rotation.

1.L-shaped double-rotation

The working position of the welding positioner is L-shaped, and there are two degrees of freedom of rotation in use, and both directions can be arbitrarily rotated by ±360°. The welding positioner has the advantages of good openness, easy operation, and easy welding of the rear axle box of the bulldozer.

2.C-shaped double-rotation

The C-shaped double-slewing welding positioner is the same as the L-shaped double-slewing welding positioner, except that the fixture of the welding positioner is slightly changed according to the shape of the structural member. This type of welding positioner is suitable for welding of structural members such as loaders and buckets of excavators. Can be used to weld parts such as excavator buckets.

3. Double column single rotary

The main feature of this type of welding positioner is that the motor-driven working device at one end of the column runs in one direction of rotation and the other end is driven with the active end. The two side columns can be designed to be lifted to meet the welding requirements of structural parts of different specifications. A disadvantage of this type of welding positioner is that it can only be rotated in one circumferential direction. For this purpose, it is necessary to pay attention to the suitability of the weld form. These products are suitable for use on excavator booms and other parts.

4. Double seat head and tail double swing

The two-seat head-to-tail double-rotation welding positioner is the movable space of the welded structural member, and a rotation degree of freedom is added to the double-column single-rotation welding positioner. This type of welding positioner is more advanced and has a large welding space. It can rotate the workpiece to the required position and is suitable for the welding excavator X frame.www.ht-tube.com