Weld quality and automatic centering of welded rotators

- Jul 17, 2018-

The main characteristic of the welding rotators is to apply pressure without filling material in the process of welding. The welding rotator frame simplifies the welding process and improves the welding safety and hygiene conditions. At the same time, because the heating temperature is lower than the welding, the heating time is shorter, so the thermal influence area is smaller. Many materials that are difficult to be welded by fusion welding can be welded by pressure welding into high quality joints with the same strength as the base material.

Welding rotator frame transmission device driver driving rotator, main is to use when making use of the friction between the driving rotator and cylinder workpiece drives the workpiece rotation displacement, which can realize the artifacts girth inside and outside and inside and outside the horizontal position of longitudinal seam welding, automatic welding equipment of form a complete set of automatic welding can be realized, can greatly improve the weld quality, reduce labor intensity, improve work efficiency. Welding rotators can also be combined with manual welding or as equipment for testing and assembling cylinder parts.

Welding rotator frame effectively according to workpiece diameter size automatically adjust the pendulum Angle of the wheel, when making use of automatically self-aligning, when with the welding manipulator, welding power source, can achieve inside and outside longitudinal seam artifacts and girth welding, both internal and external.

The transmission noise of the welded rotators is low and the workpiece turns smoothly, which can realize the welding, polishing, lining glue and assembly of the cylindrical cylinder body. The rotating speed of the rotators should be stable and even. No crawling is allowed. Overvoltage protection, self-protection, fault display and storage, automatic air switch