What Is The Principle And Application Of The Welding Turning Roll?

- Aug 24, 2019-

The welding turning roll consists of seven parts: the base, the driving device, the column, the cross arm, the pressing device, the column rotating mechanism and the remote control box. The cross arm can be electrically lifted up and down along the column guide rail, and can be electrically rotated around the center of the column through the column rotating mechanism. The pressing device is mounted on the cross arm and can be hydraulically lifted up and down to achieve compression. The driving device is composed of a worm gear reducer and a roller. The group and the roller seat are composed of three parts. Rotate the screw rod under the roller seat with the hand wheel to adjust the distance between the two roller groups to adapt to the welding of pipes of different pipe diameters. The hold down device cooperates with the roller set to compress the workpiece. When the workpiece to be welded is long (more than one meter), the supporting driven bracket is used to cooperate with the roller group on the main machine base to jointly support the workpiece to be welded on a horizontal surface, so that the workpiece is relatively balanced and runs smoothly. 


The pipe roller frame is suitable for welding light pipes and extra thick wall pipes. Regardless of your rolling application, the roller set is composed of a drive wheel table and an idler table. It is small in size and light in weight, and is suitable for on-site pipeline construction. The drive wheel of the roller group is operated in bilateral synchronous operation, driven by a DC motor to ensure a small diameter. Smooth operation. The wheelbase of the roller set is adjusted by the plug type design, which can be adjusted quickly and easily. High heat-resistant adhesive coating, effectively improve the friction transmission force, and protect the workpiece from rolling and grinding. The control adopts the modular circuit board design, adopts wired remote control (rotation speed, automatic forward/reverse) line length 2M, and has a foot switch.