What Are The Technical Requirements For Self Aligned Tank Welding Roller?

- Aug 23, 2019-

There are many types of roller frames, such as welding roller frames, adjustable roller frames, self-adjusting roller frames, etc. What are the technical requirements for specific self-adjusting roller frames?


1. According to the diameter of the workpiece, the swing angle of the wheel set is automatically adjusted, and the core can be automatically adjusted. When matched with the welding machine and the welding power source, the inner and outer longitudinal joints of the workpiece and the inner and outer circumferential seams can be welded.


2. The transmission noise is low, the workpiece rotates smoothly, and the cylindrical cylinder can be welded, polished and lined.

And assembly and other process operations, the roller speed should be smooth and uniform. No crawling is allowed.


3. It must have over-voltage protection, self-protection function, fault display and storage function, automatic air switch short-circuit protection, and preset parameters.


4. Appropriate adjustment of the height of the main and driven rollers, as well as the assembly and welding of cones and segmented unequal-diameter rotors.


5. For some non-circular long weldments, they are stuck in a special ring clamp, and can also be welded on the welding roller frame.


6. Self-adjusting roller frame adopts digital adjustment and display technology for the rotation speed of the roller. The setting of welding speed is very intuitive and accurate, which reduces the difficulty of operation of workers.


7. The manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the roller frame should meet the accuracy requirements of the 8th grade in the national standard. The roller frame should be made of high quality steel. If the base of the welded structure is used, stress relief heat treatment must be performed after welding.


8. The roller carriage must be equipped with a reliable conductive device that does not allow welding current to flow through the bearings of the roller carriage.


9. When the cylinder type workpiece is welded on the anti-axial rolling roller frame, the axial movement of the workpiece during the whole welding process should be ≤±3mm.


10. The center distance of each pair of rollers of the roller frame must be adjusted according to the diameter of the cylinder-like workpieces to ensure that the wrap angle of the two rollers to the simplified body is 45° larger than 110°.


11. With 15m control cable, roller positive and negative switch, near control, remote control switch.


12. The roller is preferably made of polyurethane or butadiene rubber.