The use and processing requirements of precision cold drawn tubes

- Oct 11, 2018-

For the low-carbon steel and low-alloy steel, the precision cold-drawn pipe can improve the hardness of the low-carbon steel and the low-alloy steel, so that the machinability can be improved. The precision cold-drawn pipe can replace the normal carbon steel. Quality treatment, preparation for high-frequency quenching, and can reduce the deformation of 45# precision steel pipe and reduce processing costs.


For precision high-carbon steel, the precision cold-drawn tube can eliminate the reticulated cementite structure during normalizing and facilitate spheroidizing annealing. For large 45# precision steel tubes or steel castings with sharp changes in section, normalized fire can be used. Instead of quenching, to reduce the tendency of deformation cracking, or to prepare the tissue for quenching.


Precision cold drawn pipe For quenching and reworking parts of 45# precision steel pipe, the effect of overheating can be eliminated by normalizing to re-quench. Used in cast iron to increase the amount of pearlite in the matrix and improve the strength and wear resistance of the casting. In order to flush the water from the air floatation tank.